PCIe Adapter Card

M.2 NGFF to PCIe w/SFF-8643 Connector

  • M.2 (PCI-e I/F) to PCI-e convert
  • SFF-8643 to PCIe convert
  • AIC Form Factor(Add-in Card) / Single slot x4 connector
  • Build in M.2 (NGFF) M-key Female connector
  • Build in SFF-8643 Female connector
  • LED1 ON indicates PE0403 adapter Ready
  • LED2 ON indicates M.2 / PCI-e 4-Lane device power OK
  • LED3 ON/OFF indicates M.2 SSD active status
  • NVM Express 1.0
  • PCI Express Base Specification Rev 3.0
  • Enterprise SSD Form Factor Version 1.0a
  • PCI Express Card Electro-Mechanical (CEM)Specification Rev 2.0


Power :

  • 4A maximum output current
  • Short circuit protection
  • In-rush current suppression
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • ESD HBM (Human Body Mode)/2KV
  • ESD CDM (Charged Device Model) /500V