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About MiraDeed Technology

Welcome to MiraDeed Technology, the fastest growing ODM/OEM manufacturer of cable assemblies and IA peripherals.Founded in 2000, a sister company of Yung-Shung Electronic (since 1987), manufacturers an extensive range of cable assemblies, adapters, USB hub, IA peripherals and Car MP3. Its factory with ISO certificated management, experienced R&D and engineering teams, mid-size scale and very aggressive & competitive. MiraDeed has had an astonishing growth of 30% every year.

Over years, MiraDeed has served many top-tier customers already either ODM/OEM projects or regular items, Its customers base to numerous multi-national corporations including Asia, USA and Europe. Moreover, MiraDeed also is one of the qualified EMS (Engineering Manufacturing Service) manufacturers in the industry. The “MiraDeed” symbol implies the mission to create the infinite possibilities and bring customer satisfactory. Everyone in MiraDeed faces the dynamic and exhilarating IT market with alertness and global view. We work based on the principle of keeping everything the most up-to-date.

珠海協鑫科技有限公司是 Computer、Cable 等產品專業生產加工的公司,擁有完整、科學的質量管理體系,主營產品有 miniSAS、SAS、SATA...QSFP+、QSFP AOC、XFP、SFP 等高速傳輸線,本公司提供 OEM/ODM 訂做符合您設備的線。協鑫科技有限公司的誠信、實力和產品質量獲得業界的認可。歡迎各界朋友蒞臨參觀、指導和業務洽談。

中國 廣東 珠海市斗門區新青科技工業園六路6號A4棟3樓
Tel: +86-756-619-6361 Fax: +86-756-619-6362

Our History

2000 MiraDeed Technology founded in Taoyuan.
2003 MiraDart Technology founded in ShengZeng for Connector Manufacture.
2004 MiraDart Technology renamed as Sonetek Coporation.
2005 MiraDeed Technology SAMOA OBU Company Founded. (Capital)(USD1,000,000)
2005 Dec. China ZhuHai Factory Established.
2006 Sep. ISO9001, ISO14000 certificated in ZhuHai Factory.
2007 Feb. Panasonic Environment Audit Passed.
2007 Sep. SONY Green Partner Certificated.
2008 Aug. Renewing ISO9001 / 14000 Certification.
2009 Oct. SONY G.P Renewed.
2012 Oct. MiraDeed's QSFP+ Active Optical Cable, 40G, 56G, 100G, and up to 300m length, (the longest QSFP_ AOC in the world).
2012 Oct. Zhuhai Factory extend to 4000 square meter.
2013 Sep. New Development of SFP+AOC cables.
2013 Jan. HDMI Active Optical Cable.
2013 Apr. Development of SFP+ Passive cable (extremely competitively).
2013 May. HD MniSAS Active Optical Cable 12G.
2013 Jun. SFP+ Passive cable (extremely competitively)
2013 Sep. QSFP+ to 4XHDMiniSAS Active Optical Cable.

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