External Mini-SAS(SFF-8088) to 4 x eSATA

SFF8088 to 4 eSATA


Cable End   Cable Assembly
26 Pin  
External Mini-SAS(SFF-8088) to 4 x eSATA
External Mini-SAS to 4eSATA copper patch cord provides data rates of up to 6 Gbps(SATA) at distances of up to 2 meters and is compliant to SAS 2.1 specifications.The SFF8088 Mini-SAS connector and SATA connector are available in a Pull latching style.
Length: Available from 0.3m up to 1m
Wire Size (AWG): 28AWG
Latch style for SFF8088: Pull style
Connector A = SFF-8088 (External Mini SAS)
Connector B = 4 x eSATA (External SATA)
Impedance: 100 Ohms
Compliant to SAS-2 specifications
ROHS complaint
UL approved components.