OCulink SFF 8611 4i to SFF 8639 + SATA power

  • Copper Cable Assembly
  • OCuLink SFF-8611 (4i) to SFF-8639 U.2 with SATA Power Cable
  • OCuLink Storage Expansion



●High performance, speed up to 16GT/s

●2-lane SAS, 4-lane PCIe

●I/O simplified, industry standard

●Simultaneous charging of mobile devices

●Smaller physical footprint and ease of use

●Compatible with existing operating systems and PCI device drivers



●Server ,Storage, RAID Systems
●SATA/ SAS/ PCIe Device
●High-Performance Computing (HPC)


For U.2 Hard Disk extension purpose

SATA power can be changed to 4 pin Power Hosuing 

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