PCIe Adapter Card

SFF-8612 OCulink to PCIe Convert Card

OCulink(SFF-8612) to PCIe convert Build in SFF-8612 connector, pin-out defined by PCIe D1 Green LED on indicates PE0412 adapter ready [...]

SFF-8639 Male to Female + SATA Adapter

U.2(SFF-8639) receptacle to U.2(SFF-8639) plug convert SAS 3.0(SFF-8680) receptacle to SAS 3.0 (SFF-8680) plug convert   SAS 3.0(SFF-8680) Primary port to SATA 7+15-pin plug convert   SAS 3.0(SFF-8680) Second port to SATA 7-pin plug convert Build in U.2(SFF-8639) connector Bui[...]

M.2 NVMe SSD to SFF-8639 Convert Card

M.2 NVMe to U.2(SFF-8639) convert   Build in M.2 M-key Female connector Build in SFF-8639 connector, pin-out defined by PCIe PWM synchronous buck converter Power IC 4A maximum output current Short circuit protection In-rush current suppression Thermal shutdown protection ESD [...]