2.5 inch SSD Solid-state disk

2.5 inch SATA SSD for Consumer Market

Plastic Shell   SATA 3.2 Version 6Gbps 128GB,256GB,512GB,1TB ► P/N:SASD25P-0128/0256/0512/1000 MTBF More than 2,000,000 hrs Read/Write: Up to 550/500 MB/s Made in Taiwan, Warranty 3 years Other detail, please see Product overview or contact us [...]

2.5 inch SATA SSD for Data Center DWPD 0.8/1.3/1.8

Aluminum Shell   SATA GEN3  480GB,960GB,1920GB,3840GB.  MTBF 1.5 million hrs MDSA08TBCT0480~3480=Toshiba cTLC  DWPD 0.8 MDSA08ITCT0480~3480=Intel cTLC DWPD 1.3 MDSA08TBET0480~1920=Toshiba eTLC DWPD 1.8 Made in Taiwan, Warranty 5 years Other detail, please [...]

2.5 inch U.2 SSD for Data Center DWPD 0.8/1.8

Aluminum Shell 480GB,960GB,1920GB,3840GB.  U.2  SFF 8639 Interface, PCIe Gen3 4-Lane, NVMe 1.3 Version Read/Write: up to 3200/1000 MB/s MDPC08TBCT0480~3840=Toshiba cTLC  DWPD 0.8 MDPC08TBET0480~1920=Toshiba eTLC DWPD 1.8 Made in Taiwan,Warranty 5 years Other detail, p[...]